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 Bladder Cancer Treatment India

Bladder forms an important part of our body. It performs the main function of removing the waste from our body. The bladder collects and stores the urine until it is removed from the body. Bladder cancer means formation of malignant cells in gall bladder which stores the urine. When the person contracts the cancer the cells multiply rapidly and then there is no control over the functioning of the bladder. The bladder cancer is caused within the inner lining cells of the organ. There are various types of bladder cancer. This cancer is also known as urothelial cell cancer or squamous cell cancer. Our Hospital India are among the pioneers who have been in the profession of treating bladder cancer with latest technological advancements.

About bladder cancer

There are mainly three types of bladder cancer which can occur in the individuals. The transitional cell carcinoma is the first among them. In this type of cancer the malignant cells are formed inside the bladder. These cancerous cells increase the size of the bladder when it is full and it immediately contracts when it is empty. This type of cancer is among the most common type of cancer found among patients across the globe. The squamous cell carcinoma is cells which enter the bladder in the form of infection or a virus. These infectious cells are turned into malignant cells over a period of time. This type of cancer is mostly found in the third world countries where the parasitic infections are most frequent. The Aden carcinoma is a bladder cancer which is contracted in the mucus secretion glands in the bladder. The cost of Cancer Surgery India is comparatively affordable and reasonable and hence many people come from different parts of the world to get their surgery done.

The role of the surgeons in the country?

According to the Cancer Surgeons in India the cancer is caused due to the exposure to chemicals. The risk of cancer is higher when the individuals are exposed to tobacco factories and factories which produce certain hazardous chemicals. The individuals who are chain smokers contain higher risk of contracting bladder cancer. The bladder cancer usually occurs in persons who are above the age of 50 years. This cancer is more prevalent in the passive smokers. This disease can be easily contracted by people who work in textile industries with hazardous printing colors, metal industries.

In the initial stages of this cancer the patient finds problem related to urination. In the starting stages the patient would experience acute pain while urinating and this followed by frequent urge of urination. They may feel they want to urinate but the urine does not pass. In case these symptoms persist for a long period of time then one should definitely take the advice of the expert doctor and get themselves tested for cancer. It is necessary to get the tests done because these same symptoms may also occur for various types of infection in the urine. In case of bladder cancer the patient passes blood through the urine which is not generally visible by the naked eyes. This is the reason when the urine is passed the person experiences pain and discomfort. The urge of frequent urination occurs but the urine is not passed.