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 Bone Cancer Treatment India

Bone cancer as the name suggests is a tumor that arises in the bone which destroys the normal bone tissue. These tumors arise due to the production of the cancer cells which make it malignant. These cancer cells grow and compress the healthy tissues in the bone and destroy the bone tissue. There are two types non cancerous and cancerous bone tumor. The cancerous bone tumor is a threat to life than the non cancerous tumors because they tend to spread throughout the body. When the cancer spreads to other parts, sometimes there can be no treatment method to solve the problem. When it comes to primary bone cancer, there are different types based on the region of the bone cancer like osteosarcoma

Prime causes of bone cancer?

There are certain possible causes to the occurrence of the bone cancer. Some of the causes are high dose of external radiation therapy and treatment done using anti cancer drugs. Heredity affects only a few people. This could mean that metal implants can sometimes affect the bone. Childhood disease, cancer syndromes that are hereditary and radiation exposure are some of the common causes for bone cancer. This condition is however rare which affects a certain group of population particularly children who are aged between 10 and 19. Boys are more likely affected than girls in case of bone cancer. When it comes to bone cancer, one of the most common symptoms is pain which may result in swelling. Bone cancer treatment India is the best alternative for the treatment of this cancer.

Various treatment options related to bone cancer?

The other treatment options for treating bone cancer are through surgical methods where the surgeon removes the tumor in order to minimize the production of these harmful cancer cells. Chemotherapy is also another procedure for treating bone cancer by using anti cancer drugs. The best place to consider this treatment would be in hospital India which has a vast infrastructure with the best Cancer surgeons in India. These treatments are carefully performed by the team of these expert doctors and surgeons in order to treat the bone cancer completely with less side effects. With medical tourism gaining popularity in India, many foreigners have taken their treatment into account along with enjoying a tour to various places in India

Emergence of India as a hub of medical tourism

India is advanced in various medical procedures. Therefore, it makes the apt place for many foreign patients to seek their treatment here. The cost of the treatment is also considerably low compared to other countries in the world. When the symptoms of bone cancer have been diagnosed, it is important to get treated as soon as possible so that it does not spread to other regions in the body. The doctor usually diagnoses bone cancer through a series of X rays with the help of a laboratory for physical examination and perform other diagnostic tests. A bone scan is another test that is performed with a small amount of radioactive material which is injected into the blood vessel which is then collected by the bones and detected by the scanner.