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 Brain Cancer Treatment India

Brain cancer is a very difficult type of cancer to be treated. In most of the cases it is hard to detect brain cancer unless and until some of the main parts of the body are affected. The tumors in the brain grow at fast pace and have the ability to spread aggressively as the process is called as metastasis. It gives devastating effects when they over grow out of control. Most of the other types of cancer can be removed easily with the help of surgery but in brain cancer it is almost impossible. It is a risky operation since the surgery affects the skull and operating tissue around the brain. The Our Hospital India is among the pioneers who provide best quality treatment to the brain cancer patients.

Oncology treatment facilities in India

They have state of art technology and equipment's which have been attracting patients from various corners of the world to get their brain surgery done. It is a well-known fact that India is becoming a medical hub day by day and there are many patients who come from different parts of the world to get surgeries done in India. Medical tourism has proved to be a boon for those patients who want to get surgeries done at cheap cost. The Cancer Treatment India is low and especially the brain tumor surgery is done at a reasonable price in India.

The patients get the best healthcare facilities in India. Brain cancer treatment is normally done by surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy or all the three combined together. It depends on condition of the patient and how far the tumor has spread in the brain. In most cases the benign tumor or rather starting stage of tumor can be easily and safely removed by surgery. The latest hospital in India uses the knifeless technology - high energy radiation is used from different angles in order to remove the tumor from the brain. In this type of surgery the recovery is faster and more popularly known as 'Gamma Knife' surgery.

What is the most common form of treatment for brain cancer?

Radiation is also one of the most sought after Brain Cancer Treatment India .The radiation is of two types which are external and internal. In the external treatment high energy radiation beams are passed through the area where the tumor is present. Generally these beams are passed on for just 5 minutes into the brain and that too for 4 to 6 weeks. This also depends on the size and type of brain tumor - besides this the radiation treatment also depends on how far the tumor has spread in the body. In case of internal radiation a small radioactive capsule is placed inside the tumor. The internal brain cancer treatment would take several weeks depending on the spread of tumor in the body. The internal radiation calls for hospitalization during that particular period.

There are many Cancer Surgery Hospital India which provide the latest treatments in cancer surgery. They use latest methods of surgery and make sure that patients are treated in the right manner. The surgeons provide right diagnosis in order to give correct treatment.