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 Head and Neck Cancer Treatment India

Evolution of Head and Neck Cancer Treatment India?

Lymph system acts as a protect barrier against various forms of diseases. It is composed of many organs as well as cells. The cancers related to it are generally blood related ones. Cancer occurs when the cells in the body grow at a fast pace whereas the normal cells follow an orderly pattern of growth. When there is a break down in the process, the evitable result is cancer.

Symptoms and diagnosis

Some of the common symptoms of this disease are breathing or chest pain, unexpected weight loss, fatigue, painless or swollen, lymph nodes in the arms, neck pits or nodes along with feeling of fullness in the abdomen. The process of diagnosis it is also simple as one need to do a physical examination along with x rays as well as CT scans. If the need arises biopsy also needs to be performed.

Different types of surgery procedures

  1. Steroids- are used in certain cases of cancer which is given in combination with chemotherapy. It is believed such a phenomenon tends to be more effective. In this regard a short term course of chemotherapy lasting for a few months is the preferred option
  2. Transplants- In certain cases high doses of chemotherapy destroy the lymph cells as well as the bone marrow. To make your bone marrow healthy some stem cells may be taken out with the help of a machine.
  3. Chemotherapy- is one of the widely popular methods of treating cancer. This is often combined with radiotherapy and the type and form of treatment which you will receive depends upon the stage of the disease. It is ascertained that the lymphoma can be curable then an aggressive dose is monitored
  4. Radiotherapy- When the cancer cells are found in a particular part of the body this form of treatment is preferred. This is commonly used to treat stage 1 and 2 cases and the medicines are administered daily for a period of two to six weeks.
  5. Monoclonal antibody therapy- they recognize and find specific cells in the body. Then the drugs can be administered to locate the particular cancer cells in the body. They can be used alone or a in a combination with chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Why choose a hospital of repute?

Since cancer involves several critical along with complex issues treatment of the highest order is preferred. In fact what compounds matter is that a considerable post surgery recovery period is also involved in this . This adds to the overall treatment expenses and the patients have to choose a hospital which suits their requirements in the best possible way. Our Hospital India is the name which comes to the mind instantly as the doctors along with surgeons have taken Head and Neck Cancer Treatment India to the next level. In terms of experience and skill sets they are the best in the country. All the operation theatres of the hospital are as per the specifications of the WHO and the safety along with the welfare of the patients is of top most importance.