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 Kidney Cancer Treatment India

Cancer on the whole is considered as the most dreaded disease. There is no specific treatment which can completely cure cancer. Among all the cancers the kidney cancer is considered as the most lethal in all the urological cases. Across the world every year there are more than 2 lakhs people who have been diagnosed with kidney cancer. The most two common types of cancers which are found are renal cell carcinoma and urothelial cell carcinoma which is the cancer of renal pelvis. These cancers are developed in various ways depending on the lifestyle of the patients and they have to be treated in different ways depending upon the health and problems of the patient. Our Hospital India has all the latest facilities with the best doctors who have excellent experience in treating the kidney cancer patients. The renal cell carcinoma is responsible for more than 80 percent of the cancers and the rest is filled by urothelial cancer.

Different types of treatment for kidney cancer

In kidney cancer the most sought after treatment is surgery. This is the primary treatment for all types of kidney cancer. There are different types of surgical procedures depending upon the type of the patient, size of the tumor in the kidney area and also the extent of the spread of the disease in the body of the patient. When the patients are taken for the treatment then the doctors provide various options to the patients depending on the medical history of the patient. Let us understand the types of surgery of kidney cancer of Surgical Oncology India.

Traditional method of surgery - in this type of surgery either a part of the kidney or the whole kidney is removed. This operation procedure is known as nephrectomy. The main idea of this surgery is to remove the primary tumor and also the tissues which are involved in the kidney. The nephrectomy is very beneficial even if the cancer has spread to certain parts of the body it could stop further spreading of the cancer cells to the body. This is the most common operation for kidney cancer.

Removing tumor from the kidney - this procedure is also known as nephron sparing surgery. In this procedure the surgeon removes the tumor and also a portion of small healthy tissues around the tumor. When these tissues are removed there is very less chance of cancer spreading to other parts of the body. In such surgery the entire kidney is never removed by the surgeon. This is the considered as best treatment for small tumors in the kidney.

Cases where surgery is not possible

Treating the cancer cells with heat is known as radio frequency ablation. A special needle is inserted through the skin directly into kidney tumor with the help of X-ray guidance. Electric current is passed through this needle a which in turn reaches to the cancer cells as this causes the cancer cells to heat up and then burn down. This is the best option which is suggested by Best Cancer Hospital in India in order to remove the small kidney tumors.