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 Liver Cancer Treatment India

Liver cancer is a life threatening disease and can prove to be disastrous if proper care is not taken at the right time. There are quite a few symptoms of liver cancer which one should check and if any of them are seen they should immediately seek medical attention. Some of the most common symptoms of liver cancer are nausea and vomiting as soon as you have meals; in some cases even if you skip your meals the problem of nausea arises. The person will have extreme abdominal pain and this is very important to be noticed. If the pain persists for a long time the person needs medical help; another common symptom is loss of appetite and in turn losing weight. Since the person does not have proper meals they have problem of excessive weakness. Our Hospital India is one kind of hospital which specializes in treatment of liver cancer.

Treatments for liver cancer

Liver cancer treatment in India has developed over a period of time. The cancer patients have huge choices of treatment in India. Since India is becoming a medical hub there are various state of the art technologies available which have successfully treated the cancer patients. The treatment for liver cancer depends on the types of tumors which have formed in the liver and also spread of the disease in the liver. When the doctors treat for liver cancer they first diagnose how the liver is working; age of the person who has contracted the liver cancer and also mainly life - style of the patient. When you go to the doctor for treatment you need to be very clear about your preference of treatment and also your feelings and problems of your health.

Types of treatments for liver cancer

Surgery - this is one option for those patients who are comparatively healthy then they are eligible for surgical treatments for the liver; the person can get the resection of liver done. In this type of surgery a part of liver which is affected by cancer is removed. If the person is healthy enough then once the surgery is done they survive for a longer period of time. In case of surgery there are all chances that the tumor can reoccur. Liver transplant surgery - in the transplant surgery the diseased part of liver is removed and replaced with a part of healthy liver from a healthy donor. The liver transplant is only possible when liver cancer is in early stages.

Freezing cancer cells - this procedure is called as cryoablation where the cancer cells are freezed in extreme cold temperature. In this procedure the doctor places an instrument called as cryoprobe which contains liquid nitrogen and they are directly passed on to the liver tumors. The ultra sound images are used in order to guide the cryoprobe for freezing the cancer cells.

Injection of alcohol into the tumor cells - alcohol is directly injected into the liver tumors - the injection is done either through skin during the time of operation. The alcohol is supposed to have properties which can cause the cancer cells to die.

You can get the best treatment from Oncology Hospital India which helps the cancer patients to heal faster.