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 Ovary Cancer Treatment India

What is ovarian cancer? What are the signs and symptoms?

Ovarian cancer as the name suggests includes cramps and pain in the region of the belly and back with abnormal vaginal bleeding, bloating and nausea. There are various stages of ovarian cancer. Based on the stage, the appropriate treatment is performed. Some of these treatments include chemotherapy and surgery. Ovarian cancer is something that starts very slowly and the symptoms are hard to find until the later stages. There are certain symptoms to look out for when consulting a doctor. If the victim feels trouble eating and feels full quickly then it is a sign of ovarian cancer. Ovarian cancer can also be associated with urinary problems where the victim feels the urgent need to urinate and urinates more than usual.

Whom should you consult?

The symptom of ovarian cancer usually occurs in women. The early stages may start off a little suddenly. They feel different from the menstrual and digestive problems. They happen every day and do not go away. If diagnosed with ovarian cancer, it is important to follow the instructions of calling the doctor whenever the symptoms get worse. It is also important to see health professionals who can evaluate the symptoms like a gynecologist, internist, etc. The right specialists who can look to this problem is a gynecologic oncologist who can help you determine the best alternatives to the ovarian cancer treatment. There are a list of tests and procedures that are carried out in order to treat ovarian cancer. You can also consult an Indian specialist for Ovarian cancer treatment India.

How is ovarian cancer diagnosed?

Diagnosis of ovarian cancer is one of the most important steps that need to be considered before the treatment is performed. Some of these tests are: biopsy tests which is performed through an incision in the woman's belly in order to confirm the existence of the ovarian cancer, a physical exam is also done which includes the pelvic examination and the pap test to check for presence of ovarian lump during the pelvic examination. The ovarian cancer cells are also checked by providing a cancer antigen to measure the amount of protein on the surface of these cells. Another method is by using trans vaginal and pelvic ultra sound in order to check for ovarian lumps.

Where to get ovarian cancer treated?

Ovarian cancers can be critical, but then one can reap the best out of the treatments by consulting the right specialists in order to perform the treatment. One suggested place is the Our Hospital India which is the best Ovarian cancer treatment Hospital in India that is known for its international service where many foreigners from all across the world get themselves treated. India not only offers the best range of medical services but also cost effective service based on the patient's budget. Moreover, along with getting treated the patients can also tour along the different places in India. Thus, with fine infrastructure the delivery of service is the best.