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Cancer is a disease that has been spreading in the Indian terrain like wildfire. Luckily, cancer rates in India are considerably lower than those in more developed countries such as the United States. The most frequently reported cancer types are that of lung, oesophagus, stomach and larynx in men and cervix, breast, ovary and oesophagus in women. Our Hospital India has providing excellent treatment services for not just the citizens of India but all over the world and is known for providing the best results in the country as well as the whole of Asia. It is one of the few hospitals that is fully equipped with the latest micro surgical instruments and which offers affordable rates and a caring environment.

When anyone thinks of getting Cancer Treatment in India, many hospital suggestions come to mind. India has been blessed with an abundance of medical centres and super-skilled doctors. Hospitals like AIIMS, NIMHANS, Apollo Hospitals, Fortis Group, Tata Memorial Hospital, etc. are on the top of the list for any medical solution. Patients are treated as Gods and their well-being the top priority. The major reason for the increasing prevalence of cancer in the country is definitely the poor socio-economic conditions and the increased oral consumption of tobacco. Over one-third of all cancers in India occur in the head and neck, whereas breast cancer accounts for 23% of all newly occurring cancer in women.

Our Hospital India is committed to provide ethical, reliable, high quality and cost effective health care services with care and compassion to ensure complete patient satisfaction. It is not just a mere word that has been put out by the hospital but the testimonials of the many patients who have undergone successful treatment at the hospital. "Your hospital is the best in Nagpur. Our experience has been of co-operative staff and dedicated doctors. Your hard work technology will definitely cure patients", says Mr. Rohit Bajaj. In order to further improve the quality of the health care services provided at the hospital, the authorities make it a point to adopt the latest technology and equipments used in all the procedures.

India has been emerging a global leader in the healthcare industry due to the sole reason that the treatment options offered in the country are of superior standards and generate highly positive results. Cancer Treatment in India has adorned a new meaning after the emergence of Our Institute of Medical Sciences in India. What is unique about the hospital is the highly responsible and efficient administrators, well-trained nursing staff and technicians, highly skilled and expert doctors, world-class equipments, etc. The main focus is on service and medical excellence and this definitely helps in improving the hospital as well as the patient health. Come seek world-class health-care at the country's most reputed medical institution and have the advantage of personalized care and comfort too.