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 Thyroid Cancer Treatment India

What is thyroid cancer and what are the causes?

The disease that has abnormal cells growing in the region of the thyroid gland is called thyroid cancer. The thyroid gland is present in the inside of the throat which is shaped like a butterfly. This gland is also responsible for making the hormones regulate energy for the body to help the body function normally. When it comes to this type of cancer, it is pretty uncommon. The risk of thyroid cancer is though the patient is treated, the cancer may come back again after many years. The main reason for thyroid cancer is the change in the DNA according to experts. These changes are usually inherited when the victim grows older. Another common cause of thyroid cancer could be radiation exposure.

What are the common symptoms and where to consult in case of thyroid cancer?

Another reason to thyroid cancer could be dental X rays or radiation at a very early time could also be one of the root causes of the thyroid cancer. The common symptoms of thyroid cancer includes lump or swelling in the region of the neck, pain in the region of the ears, trouble when it comes to swallowing, trouble when it comes to breathing with constant wheezing problems. The voice could also be a little hoarse with frequent cough which has nothing to do with cold. A nodule or a lump can be found by the doctors while diagnosing. After the symptoms have been discovered, it is always advisable to consult a well qualified doctor. One such place to consult is Thyroid cancer treatment India.

How is thyroid cancer treated and diagnosed?

The thyroid cancer is diagnosed by checking for lumps in the neck and the doctor may also perform a biopsy test in order to confirm the same. This simple procedure involves the removal of small piece of thyroid tissue with a needle which is then checked. In certain cases when the biopsy test is not clear, the entire thyroid gland needs to be removed. The thyroid gland is treated using surgical methods and also with radioactive iodine. The advantage of this treatment is that it does not depend on radiotherapy or chemotherapy. The treatment generally depends on the age, stage and the type of cancer treatment.

Where can you perform the thyroid cancer treatment in India?

There are many places that you can consider getting yourself treated in as far as the thyroid cancer treatment is concerned. But most importantly it is crucial to get the treatment done by an expert group of surgeons. One such place is the Our Hospital India that has delivered the best services to many foreign patients all across the world. Here in this hospital one can easily get access to the best Thoracic Oncology India along with reaping the best results. India is a major place when it comes to tourism and attraction. Medical tourism has also come into light where many patients visit this place to get the best quality of treatment.