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 Testicle Cancer Treatment India

Endometrial cancer is also known as uterine cancer which is one of the more popular forms of cancers dealing with the female reproductive system. This form of cancer emerges when the cells in the uterus begins to change, multiply in numbers and eventually leads to the formation of a tumor. Tumors can be malignant as well as benign in nature. They are basically two types of this form of cancer known as Sarcoma as well as Adencarcinoma. The former accounts for 95 % of the cases while the later composes the other part.

Risk factors and symptoms associated with endometrial cancer.

The average age of occurrence of this form of cancer is above the age of 50 years and white women are more likely to be victims of this form of cancer than their counterparts. Genetics may also have a role in the incidence of this form of cancer. Finally obesity also has a telling contribution in the prominence of this form of cancer as the fatty tissue in overweight women tend to produce additional amount of estrogen which can increase the incidence of this form of cancer.

The most likely time for the occurrence of this cancer is after menopause. One of the most common symptoms of this form of cancer is abnormal vaginal bleeding. This may range of being watery to blood streaked flow to a flow that contains more amount of blood. Vaginal bleeding during the stage of menopause is not normal and one needs to understand that something is wrong in the first place. Endometrium cancer treatment India is of superior standards. The quality of the surgeons along with the support staff are of the highest order.

Diagnosis as per modern science

First and foremost a physical examination of the body is done which includes checking whether any lumps or unusual signs have developed. The past records of the patients are also examined in this regard. Then the next stage takes over which is the pelvic exam. In this stage an examination of the vagina, rectum as well as the ovaries is done. This is followed by the Pap test where a smear of the cervix is usually done. In the final analysis this form of cancer is classified into various stages. If one is looking at all these core treatment modules to be followed then they have to come to Our Hospital India which is an epitome of facilities as well as infrastructure.

Why India as a medical destination?

With the decade of the 1990's medical tourism has boomed in the country. A testimony to this fact is the number of private clinics as well as medical centers, tourism companies which have emerged. There is a long queue of patients waiting for getting their surgery in India. From the oncology point of view the Oncology cancer specialists India have created a distinct identity of their own. They have been part of several successful operations and their honesty along with skill sets is what separates them from the rest in the medical domain.